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JMS5UV Mirror

Feel confident in the water with a precision, leak free fit and superior comfort. The unisex JMS5UV Mirror goggles are ideal for training, and durable for regular use and triathlons.



  • Sports style curve lens provides wide vision, injected polycarbonate lenses ensures impact resistance
  • 3D gasket design – revolutionary 3D Gasket perfectly fits the face
  • Soft TPE gasket offers the most comfortable fitting
  • Made by UltraFUSE technology
  • UltraFAST quick FIT rear buckle system
  • Metallised lenses increases glare protection
  • With side PU coloured belt
  • Double silicone head-strap provides a secure fit for racing
  • Unisex goggles
  • Clear plastic hardcover case included


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    Ultra 4 Technology

    UltraFITUltraFIT technology brings a comfortable experience to swimmers.

    Specially designed to comfortably fit your face with a lightweight structural design. The 3D ergonomic seal feels like skin, reducing the pressure around your eyes and improves watertightness. The super lightweight material reduces the weight of the goggles, offering you a comfortable fit during distance swimming.

    UltraFUSEUltraFUSE is a breakthrough innovation of swimming goggles.

    To enhance watertightness and comfort, soft TPE rubber is combined with the lenses and frame using the latest rubber injection technology. The temperature of your skin makes the rubber fit the contour of your face, offering comfort and leak-free.

    UltraFASTUltraFAST Buckle helps you quickly and easily adjust the tightness of the head strap.

    To tighten, with the EASY Clips pull the ends of the straps away from your head; to loosen, press the clip on the device whilst pulling back the strap.

    UltraAntiFOGUltraAntiFOG is a long-lasting anti-fog coating which can prevent fog or mist and provide clear vision.

    When you are swimming the lens can easily fog up due to cold water contact and warm air in the eyecup. To enhance your experience all wide view goggles have panoramic anti-fog coating over all areas of the lens proving clearer sight than traditional goggles.


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